News Roundup: SoBro’s Brewery Hub, Botanical Gardens Adds a Restaurant

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Image Credit: New York Times

This month The New York Times shines light on the up and coming Port Morris section of The Bronx which has emerged as a hub for craft distilleries and breweries like the Port Morris Distillery famous for its Puerto Rican moonshine “pitorro” and the award-winning Tirado Distillery. [NYTimes]

The New York Botanical Gardens has added its first full-service restaurant, the Hudson Garden Grill. It is open to the public, without an admission fee, and will source local ingredients for its food. [NYTimes]

Local eateries are usually known for their delicious cultural cuisine but not low calorie counts. However, in step with increasingly health conscious consumers, Jamaican restaurant Fish N’ Ting specializes in healthy Caribbean food liked steamed fish, sauteed veggies and handmade organic juices. [News 12]


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