Because you’ll need something to do before dinner is ready other than help. Because you’re tired of people asking about work/school/your SO (or lack thereof). Because if you wanted to listen to noisy opinions on politics you’d check your social media. Or because you don’t have to deal with any of the above and wanna get in the mood for the holiday menu. Find and pick your perfect Thanksgiving Day distraction by taking one, or all, of these related quizzes.



What Kind Of Thanksgiving Guest Are You?


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Which “Stranger Things” Mom Would Be Your Mom Based On Your Thanksgiving Preferences?


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Do You Know How To Fix These Common Thanksgiving Cooking Mistakes?


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Help Yourself To A Plate Of Thanksgiving Food And We’ll Reveal Your Exact Age

Eating Gif

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Would You Totally Mess Up Cooking A Thanksgiving Turkey?


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This Game Of ‘Would You Rather’ Will Stress You Out More Than Your Relatives


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Make Mashed Potatoes And We’ll Reveal If You’re An Introvert Or Extrovert


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Build A Dinner For Thanksgiving, And We’ll Predict Your Holiday Future


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Ok, time to get back to the family!




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