On 138th street, between Willis Avenue and Alexander Avenue, a string of vendors have laid out farm-picked herbs and vegetables, and baked goods. Even if they can’t tell the difference between broccoli rabe and callaloo amaranth, the bright greens and reds are enough to attract passersby’s to further inspect the tables and crates under the tents at the South Bronx Farmer’s Market.

The market is only in its third year, but it opened for the 2016 season on June 18th with twice as many participating businesses as when it started.

It gives urban farms and gardens in The Bronx, like La Finca del Sur and Acevedo’s Family Farm — as well as others outside the borough — an opportunity to bring fresh, all-natural ingredients directly to consumers who otherwise might not have access to them.




La Finca del  Sur



La Finca del Sur grows greens tailored to the tastes and preferences of the community, which means lots of broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, radishes, kale, swiss chard, and herbs.




Acevedo’s Family Farm features traditional Mexican ingredients like serrano chilies and cilantro. And although their produce is grown all-natural, without any chemicals or fertilizer, they skip the costly organic certification to keep their products affordable for the community.


White Pine Community Farm




White Pine Community Farm specializes in herbs and herbal tinctures for everything from medicinal uses against diabetes and high blood pressure to soothing teas. They also make an amazing, non-greasy pesto spread.




General Cochran Farm is located in Wassaic, New York and raises grass-fed and free-range meat and poultry without antibiotics or hormones.


Red Hibiscus Bakery



Green isn’t the only color you’ll spot in abundance here since baked goods and brews are other common sights at the market.

Red Hibiscus Bakery products are made from scratch using ingredients sourced from the Caribbean — pineapples from Costa Rica, and guava and coconuts from the Dominican Republic. With substitutions like coconut butter and maple sugar, the Caribbean-American inspired baked goods are low in cost but high in nutritional content.


Taylor Made Creations for All Occasions Inc.



Traveling bakery Taylor Made Creations takes advantage of community events like the South Bronx Farmer’s Market to bring its sweet treats to the public. Choose from either full fat or healthy, gluten-free options.




If you live in the borough, you’ve probably heard of traveling coffee shop Morris Perk —a familiar pop up at select community spaces like The Bronx Museum. Morris Perk’s menu has expanded to feature a lunch delivery service for its custom salads, but the prices stay the same. The small hot coffee will remain $1 owner, Lovie Pignata assures us.


Kids Cooking Demo


Joining their regular cooking demonstrations, run by Just Food Community chef Regina this season, the South Bronx Farmer’s Market launched Farmer’s Market Kids July 9th. The program offers free hands-on cooking demonstrations to teach children simple cooking techniques and the importance of healthy eating, so visitors are encouraged to bring their little ones.






Another amazing program the market hosts is Health Bucks. SNAP/EBT shoppers earn a $2 Health Buck for every $5 they spend on their SNAP/EBT card — adding 40% buying power to put more fresh fruits and veggies on Bronx tables. They were kind enough to gift us a few Health Bucks, which we promptly spent loading up on romaine lettuce, broccoli rabe, callaloo amaranth, garlic, and sage!

The South Bronx Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday, from 10am-4pm until November 19th. For more information visit the website, and we highly recommend joining the mailing list for updates and events.


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