I’m happy to announce The Bronx Food Blog has partnered with Thrillist — the experts on where and what to eat in ‘Merica — to contribute food and drink content about the borough on top. For old and new food friends of The Bronx, I created the ultimate dining guide highlighting the best Bronx restaurants in class. Check it out below.

– Tameika

Belmont has always held down the Bronx’s culinary scene with generations of family-owned Italian restaurants and shops, but rapid changes in the borough’s landscape are now drawing attention to all four corners. An influx of excellent new dining destinations has brought more eyes and stomachs to the Bronx, while simultaneously casting a brighter spotlight on neighborhood fixtures that have been around for decades. From Latin-Asian fusion to home-style Italian like “Nonna’s,” here are 11 restaurants to get you up to the Boogie Down.


Best Latin: Travesias

3834 E Tremont Ave
The atmosphere of a city lounge meets the quaint vibe of a neighborhood hangout at this Tremont Ave restaurant. The mood here is as unique as its Latin-Asian menu, which comes together in the form of creative dishes like To’ Chimi Sliders — the slider version of a Dominican burger, made with seasoned black Angus topped with a cabbage slaw and special sauce between tostones (fried plantain) buns.


Best Jamaican: Ripe Kitchen & Bar


151 W Sandford Blvd, Mt Vernon
Located right on the border of the Bronx and Mount Vernon, Ripe Kitchen & Bar resembles an off-road Jamaican rum bar with its reclaimed wooden interior, low lighting, and colorful paint job. The food is slightly more upscale, but still infused with authentic flavors from the island, seen in dishes like the “Big Ass” Jerk Rib-Eye Steak, which is marinated in an original jerk rub made from Scotch bonnet peppers, grilled to your liking, and topped with an Argentinian-style chimichurri sauce. Be sure to request a seat in the backyard, which is decorated with tropical flora and Tiki torches when the weather is warm.


Best Mexican: Taqueria Tlaxcalli

2103 Starling Ave
Everything about Taqueria Tlaxcalli is no-fuss and no-frills, from the playful wall art and open kitchen to the menu of authentic Mexican food like tostadas, molcajetes, and burritos, all offering flavors that are just as vibrant as the interior. Order the enchiladas and opt for coating it in the green chili sauce, which has just a slight kick to it.


Best cafe: Mon Amour Coffee & Wine

moss cafe thrillist

234 W 238th St
Less than a year old, this French-themed café has gotten everyone’s attention with its industrial, minimalist decor — think repurposed wood tables, metal chairs, exposed brick, pendant lights, and decorative wall frames — the likes of which you don’t often find Uptown. Mon Amour’s quaint interiors pair well with its fresh-baked muffins, macarons, and croissants. But while the pastries can’t be missed, the flatbreads are the go-to item here, layered with toppings like tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella or arugula, prosciutto, fig, and Gruyere.


Best burger: P&K Grille

170 W 231 St
P&K’s is the Kingsbridge counterpart to Inwood’s Piper’s Kilt. The exterior is completely nondescript, while the interior has the personality and charm of any neighborhood bar (with just a little more polish). The burgers here are named after famed athletes, and the Eli Manning bacon cheeseburger is the fan favorite. The beef is juicy and smoky, with just the right amount of crispy thick-cut bacon on top, and while the the other ingredients are fairly standard, they come together to make for a bar burger that’s way better than it needs to be.


Best pizza: Zero Otto Nove

zero otto nove thrillist

2357 Arthur Ave
One visit to 089 will confirm you’ve been eating pizza all wrong. The pies here are light, with a thin crust, and only three to four ingredients to maintain the perfect balance of flavor. The idea is that pizza shouldn’t be heavy and packed with every ingredient in the kitchen. The crust is crisp but doughy, thanks to the 900-degree wood-burning oven; the San Marzano tomatoes aren’t too acidic; and the thick, spicy soppressata puts standard cuts of limp pepperoni to shame. Do yourself a favor and skip the margherita pizza — as good as it might be, the standout is the sweet and surprising butternut squash, truffle, and mushroom-topped La Cirilo.


To see all the restaurants on the complete dining guide, visit Thrillist!

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