5 More Hilarious Food Instagrams to Follow

funny food insta tasteofstreep toast

Next to a meal, a laugh is our favorite thing to have. But a full table isn’t the only place where you can get both at the same time. We’ve featured funny food-based Instagram accounts before and now we’re serving seconds. We’ve rounded up another set of hilarious foodie ‘grams for even more edible puns, crazy captions, and miniature foodies who love to eat more then you do. Start the.. Read More

The Boozy Bronx Brunch Guide 2016


Since our first guide to brunching in The Bronx, a number of new spots have emerged that offer everything from chorizos and eggs to churros and shrimp. Spring might be playing hide and seek, but the booze at these brunches are ready and waiting for you this weekend in unlimited supply. Here is your brunch guide to The Bronx in 2016.   CABO Photo Credit: Instagram Features: $8 unlimited sangrias and mimosas Hours: Sat &.. Read More

Late Night Food Crawl to Cơm tấm Ninh-Kiều Bx Vietnamese Restaurant


There’s that saying “nothing good happens after midnight”. The restaurant version of that would be ‘nothing good comes out the kitchen before closing’. You might get reheated pasta, you might get a truncated menu. Anything can happen. But when we found Com tam Ninh-Kieu on Yelp Saturday night at 7:30pm—an hour before close—we made the bet because of its 4 star rating.   It’s the kind of place you’d only.. Read More

Reducing Food Waste: Cooking Veggie Stir Fry with Morrisania WIC


According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “as much as 40% of the food produced in the U.S. never gets eaten” and “Americans throw away $165B worth of food every year”. Those are hard numbers to swallow considering how many families in the country, in neighborhoods like The Bronx, live in food insecure households. That’s why when the Bronx Food Blog teamed up with Morrisania WIC this month to celebrate.. Read More

Riverdale’s Farm-to-Table MOSS Cafe Is a ‘January Eaters’ Place

moss cafe bx bowl food

Whether you made an official resolution or not, January is a fresh start to make the extra effort to eat healthy. Fortunately, at Moss Cafe in Riverdale, every month is January on their menu.   The organic, farm-to-table kosher cafe and expresso bar has been open less than a year but it already has a loyal base of customers. Funded from a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Emily Weisberg set out to open.. Read More

6 Bronx-Born Celebs & Their Favorite Foods to Start Awards Season


The People’s Choice Awards kicks off the 2016 awards season, followed by the Golden Globes on Sunday. If there’s one thing The Bronx can produce, other than hip-hop and hot sauce, it’s Hollywood celebrities. There are lots of stars, past and present, who were born right here in our borough and they love to eat as much as we do because, well…food is life! So in honor of this awards season, we’re spotlighting.. Read More

10 Lucky Food Traditions for Wealth & Health in the New Year


Our hopes are usually as high as our glasses at the start of the New Year. We’re ripe to usher in a year of prosperity and success. That’s why cultures around the world use old traditions to increase their odds for happiness in a New Year. Lots of those traditions include food as countless legends, folklore and superstitions have established a clear connection between filling our pockets through our bellies. These lucky foods are.. Read More

BRAC’s Frattura Pop-Up Kitchen Gives Us a Taste of the Arts

frattura red sauce

An art performance, a pop-up kitchen and artisanal Italian ingredients came together on Saturday, November 7th at speciality Italian food importer Gustiamo‘s West Farms warehouse to present “Frattura”.   Facilitated by the Bronx River Art Center (BRAC) and performed by multi-media artists Leon Johnson and Audra Wolowiec, “Frattura” was an interactive art experience focused on the breaking of Candele pasta in preparation for cooking. Audience members were invited up to the.. Read More

10 Funny Food Twitter Accounts to Follow

seamless wolf of waffle street

We’ve already given you the funniest IG accounts to follow, but since laughter is food for the soul, we want to recommend a few more funny food brands who you should follow on social media. These famous food accounts from Twitter are honest, punny and always plugged into what’s happening in pop culture like the Drake vs Meek Mill beef or McDonalds’ launch of #AllDayBreakfast. We would tell you more, but we’ll.. Read More

Word of Mouth: More Pumpkin Spice Foods You Didn’t Ask For


Pumpkin spice season is here. And it’s not just Starbucks that’s selling their hashtag-inducing pumpkin spice latte—which started the seasonal frenzy in the first place. Everyone is pushing pumpkin spice everything whether you want it or not. Check out a few of the products available this year in fall’s favorite flavor, proving the trend is alive and well beyond any logic you can argue.   In tea…   In gum..   In cookies…   In other.. Read More

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