A Look at The Bronx Museum’s New XM Cafe


The wait is over for The Bronx Museum’s first ever cafe. Wednesday, August 9th, the museum’s XM Cafe—a name chosen through the public competition they held earlier this summer—officially opened for business. XM Cafe, made up of a food center and table seating for visitors, is located in the first floor lobby of the museum. As promised the menu offers sandwiches, wraps and salads in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well.. Read More

A Guide to Brunch in The Bronx

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When it’s 10AM on a Saturday or Sunday and you’re exhausted from going out the night before, you don’t want to lift a finger unless it’s wrapped around a glass at brunch. Brunch is the New Yorker’s weekend cure and queue in one order. Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves your eggs with a greasy side of bacon or the modernist who prefers them poached and wrapped in slice of.. Read More

6 Hilarious Food Instagram Accounts to Follow

donut go in there

Instagram’s motto should be ‘Come for the friends, stay for the funny’ because those painfully relatable memes and crazy photo captions are what get us through most days—not to mention break up the monotonous scroll of #carselfies and badly lit dinners. So if you’re all too familiar with the highs and lows of eating to live or living to eat, you’ll definitely want to follow these funny food-based IG accounts now.     @can_i_eat_that Followers: 822.. Read More

Cooking and Eating with Lavender at Wave Hill


A lot of plans got rained out this past weekend but they didn’t involve a sprawling, lush 28 acre estate. So despite the drizzles this past Sunday, June 28, the Bronx Food Blog was on site for Wave Hill’s live cooking with lavender demo. Chef Steve demonstrated 2 easy recipes for a delicious salad dressing and roasted chicken breast using the dried herb. Check out some of the pictures below, along.. Read More

Reblog: BRONXMAMA’s Summer Outdoor Dining Guide


Wake up and smell the sangria, people. And then drink it. Because summer is finally here. Now that it’s hot in NYC the last thing anyone wants to do is be indoors, even when we’re eating. That’s why having an outdoor dining guide this season is essential to having a great summer. Fellow Bx blogger, BRONXMAMA, tackled the task of rounding up all the outdoor eats here in The Bronx with every.. Read More

5 New Bronx Restaurants For Your Radar

Image Credit: Seamless   New Bronx restaurants are always welcomed. They mean more culinary options for residents and visitors, and that’s rarely ever a bad thing. In the past year, a few eateries have set up kitchen in The Bx with plates as diverse as the borough’s population. So if you haven’t already, get to know them. You may just discover your next new favorite spot in the following pages. And.. Read More

Word of Mouth: Ramens Go from Ratchet to Refined


Ramen noodles have really graduated from the broke college kid’s dinner hack to quick culinary delight. It’s still cheap and easy, but the recipes we’re seeing today add layers of flavor and texture. Salads, sandwiches, and bakes are just a few of the fun cooking methods for this bag of noodles. There is no shortage of modern spins on the classic Asian pasta, so it’s perfect for anyone with limited time and lots of imagination. However,.. Read More

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