Word of Mouth: Matcha Is on Everyone’s Mind

What is matcha? What does it do? And why is it so popular with foodies and fitness people right now? For starters, matcha is a special form of green tea. Specifically, it is green tea leaves that have been stone-grounded into a fine powder. The process of making matcha is complex, originating from China and Japan, as far back as the 10th century, where the tea is steeped in tradition. Now, you can.. Read More

News Roundup: Kitchen Classroom Expands in Bx, Blk Projek Mobile Market Vandalized

The Stone Barns Center (SBC) for Food and Agriculture’s Mobile Kitchen Classroom program has expanded to Bronx Compass School—making it their second school in The Bronx and fourth school in total. The program empowers children through food education, focusing on the connections between food, culture, and community. In a Mobile Kitchen Classroom students work with farm-fresh produce, cooking equipment, and guest Stone Barns Center farmers, entrepreneurs, and chefs. Students take field trips to SBC as well. The program.. Read More

News Roundup: Monte’s Seafood’s FDA Warning, “Not Tipping” Hits Bx

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent out 2016 warning letters to seafood processors and diary farms in violation of FDA regulations. Monte’s Seafood Emporium, Inc. in The Bronx was among the recipients. The FDA said Monte’s crab meat, yellow tail snapper and mackerel have been “prepared, packed, or held under insanitary conditions whereby they may have been rendered injurious to health”. The letter also offers a list of corrective actions addressing temperature and.. Read More

Word of Mouth: Eating Food Out of a Bowl Is In

Word of mouth has it food is taking on a new dimension. It’s not about what’s going in the food though, it’s about what the food is going in.   Everyone is declaring bowls are the new plates. The bowl is having a moment as single-dish combination meals are now one of the hottest food trends of 2016. Entrees, sides, and other ingredients are getting layered into hearty, and often healthy, recipes.   Smoothie bowl via Erin’s.. Read More

News Roundup: Longwood Eatery Burns Down, Zaro’s Parkchester Closes

Milly’s Corner on Longwood Ave burned down on New Year’s Day. The Hunts Point restaurant has only been open for a year and did not have anyone in it at the time of the fire, which also spread to a neighboring building. [News 12] Zaro’s Bakery closed the doors of its Parkchester location for good on December 28, 2015 after 56 years. Zaro’s says the landlord refused to renew their lease only weeks.. Read More

News Roundup: Food Programs for Seniors, Bx General Post Office Update

Photo: Kevin Fuhrmann/Riverdale Press The Bronx Jewish Community Council organized its annual Project HOPE Hanukkah Package Delivery to bring food to hundreds of impoverished or housebound seniors in Riverdale this holiday.Though the area has a reputation of being affluent, many elderly residents struggle with poverty. [Riverdale Press] It’s a busy time of year for food pantries, soup kitchens and other community based food programs. But they have also experienced an overall spike.. Read More

News Roundup: Calientito Gets Evicted, Carmelo Anthony Feeds Families

The #WhatPianoDistrict movement dailed up the conversation on Bronx gentrification from a low murmur to a loud outcry. Now, with reports that Port Morris Latin Caribbean restaurant Calientito has been evicted from their location, some are viewing it as the first casualty of the Bronx’s “rebranding”. Despite what they see as their landlord’s efforts to undermine the business, Calientito’s owners hope to get back into the space with a court order. [DNAinfo].. Read More

Word of Mouth: Brussels Sprouts are Cool Now

The dietary evolution of most adults means stay away from bread, don’t buy cheap liquor and eat your vegetables. The last applies to some vegetables more than others and brussels sprouts are an other—there’s a hate poem to prove it. But the miniature cabbage-like veggie is not as much of a mystery as it seems. More and more epicureans are making this side dish a main ingredient in inspiring recipes this season. They’re so cool now.. Read More

BRAC’s Frattura Pop-Up Kitchen Gives Us a Taste of the Arts

An art performance, a pop-up kitchen and artisanal Italian ingredients came together on Saturday, November 7th at speciality Italian food importer Gustiamo‘s West Farms warehouse to present “Frattura”.   Facilitated by the Bronx River Art Center (BRAC) and performed by multi-media artists Leon Johnson and Audra Wolowiec, “Frattura” was an interactive art experience focused on the breaking of Candele pasta in preparation for cooking. Audience members were invited up to the.. Read More

Savor the Bronx Restaurant Week 2015 Press Kick Off

The Bronx is known for a lot of things. Food isn’t one of them. But for the nearly 1.5 million residents that call this “food desert” home, we are eating something and it isn’t sand. Savor the Bronx restaurant week, running from Nov 2-13 this year, is an effort by Bronx borough president Ruben Diaz Jr. to spotlight the culinary culture uptown and address the absence of Bronx eateries from New York City restaurant.. Read More

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