News Roundup: Travesias Opens, The Bronx Hot Sauce is a Hot Seller

Only a few months old, new restaurant Travesias is already a hot spot. The Latin fusion restaurant with an Asian and Indian twist is located on East Tremont Ave. It’s open 7 days a week for dinner and will soon be open for lunch. The name Travesias literally means to travel, which is what owner Brian Martinez wants patrons to do with his unique combination of international flavors. [News 12].. Read More

Word of Mouth: Popsicles Are Summer 2015’s Cold Cure

Put down the ice cream cone. The cold cure everyone’s picking up to cool off this summer is the popsicle. And the best thing about this trend is that everyone is skipping those store bought boxed popsicles for fun DIY recipes. There’s even a new NYC rooftop bar, Loopy Doopy at the Concord New York Hotel, whose signature drink involves a big glass of prosecco and an alcohol infused “icepop”. We.. Read More

News Roundup: Gun Hill Brewing Canning It, Bx NeON Nutrition Opens

“For those who’ve missed it, [Gun Hill Brewing] is happy to announce that we intend to start canning some of our beer. Our plan is to can Void of Light first, followed shortly thereafter with the Gold and IPA. In order for us to start canning, however, we need to bring in a new fermentation tank so that we do not disrupt our regular production schedule. As such, we are running a.. Read More

News Roundup: City Island Pops on July 4th, Bx Foodie Finds Gochujang

Image Credit: bonappetit City Island was the place to be this past 4th of July holiday weekend. The area was full of diners as the outdoor seating, waterfront views and extensive seafood menu options made it the ideal destination for anyone skipping the predictable backyard bbq this 4th. [News 12] Bronx-bred 28-year-old Phillilp Caputo just introduced the newest, natural flavor millennial foodies might love — Korean chili paste, gochujang. [Bloomberg] Another star.. Read More

News Roundup: CBKPerk Launches, Bronx Museum Adds a Cafe

CBKPerk, a collaboration between Morris Perk coffee shop and Charlie’s Kitchen & Bar, launched Tuesday, June 22, 2015 to a waiting crowd of customers. The new effort adds a coffee and breakfast service to Charlie’s, which serves dinner, drinks and a newly launched lunch menu. Morris Perk will be popping up at Charlie’s Mon-Fri, 6:30AM-9:30AM. [Welcome2TheBronx] The Bronx Museum is opening a cafe. Located in the building’s lobby, the new eatery.. Read More

News Roundup: Why The Bx Has the Realest Little Italy, Lotus Flame Reopens

Image Credit: ncpr In a recent article for the Huffington Post, one writer makes the case for why The Bronx’s Little Italy beats Manhattan’s, and names the most authentic Italian eateries uptown worthy of the reputation. [Huffington Post] The latest episode of CNBC’s “Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business”, a show which chronicles five very different restaurants trying to make it in NYC’s highly competitive food scene, will feature The Bronx’s Ann &.. Read More

BxFB Feasts on Fordham Road’s Visiting Food Trucks

Over the weekend, the Bronx Food Blog made a trip over to Bryan Park to check out the Fordham Road BID’s Food Truck Extravaganza. Each day offered a different combination of trucks and tastes for visitors. So even though we missed food trucks like Snowday, Brooklyn Organics and Langos, on Friday, May 28th a few friends and I feasted on Cuban cuisine from Rollin’ Cubans Food Truck, Mediterranean food from Chef Samir Truck, and Indian.. Read More

News Roundup: Free UBER Rides for Food Tour, Bronx Marriott Hotel Opens

Image Credit: Vanessa Granda/Taste the Style Lifestyle website, Taste the Style, recently partnered with UBER to offer free rides to, from and within The Bronx for a food tour this weekend. Admitting the borough is too far out, even for the average New Yorker, TTS wanted to open up their conversation and taste buds to the flavors The Bronx has to offer by visiting a few amazing restaurants. [Taste the.. Read More

Pelham Pkwy’s EZ Grill Ushers in Changes Under New Management

I discovered Lydig Ave’s EZ Grill in the fall of 2013 and immediately fell in love with the metal eating trays, picnic style wooden tables and benches, and limited but delicious Mediterranean inspired menu—details you would find in a rustic lower Manhattan eatery with the coziness of a local joint. I tried a few things in the months I ate there, from the poutine fries and cheeseburger to the chicken lemon soup and lamb skewer platter. Unsurprisingly,.. Read More

News Roundup: SoBro’s Brewery Hub, Botanical Gardens Adds a Restaurant

Image Credit: New York Times This month The New York Times shines light on the up and coming Port Morris section of The Bronx which has emerged as a hub for craft distilleries and breweries like the Port Morris Distillery famous for its Puerto Rican moonshine “pitorro” and the award-winning Tirado Distillery. [NYTimes] The New York Botanical Gardens has added its first full-service restaurant, the Hudson Garden Grill. It is open to.. Read More

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