Recipe: Pink Ombré Riesling Wine Cocktail

It’s after 5. Do you know where your buzz is? If not, we got it right here. Meet the wine cocktail. The name is self explanatory but there’s more to it than just ‘marrying bottles’. You can get just as creative with wine cocktail mixes without compromising the taste or experience of your choice vino. Check out this wine cocktail recipe that uses hibiscus tea for a faux rosé riesling.. Read More

Reducing Food Waste: Cooking Veggie Stir Fry with Morrisania WIC

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “as much as 40% of the food produced in the U.S. never gets eaten” and “Americans throw away $165B worth of food every year”. Those are hard numbers to swallow considering how many families in the country, in neighborhoods like The Bronx, live in food insecure households. That’s why when the Bronx Food Blog teamed up with Morrisania WIC this month to celebrate.. Read More

10 Funny Food Twitter Accounts to Follow

We’ve already given you the funniest IG accounts to follow, but since laughter is food for the soul, we want to recommend a few more funny food brands who you should follow on social media. These famous food accounts from Twitter are honest, punny and always plugged into what’s happening in pop culture like the Drake vs Meek Mill beef or McDonalds’ launch of #AllDayBreakfast. We would tell you more, but we’ll.. Read More

Recipe: Tosca Cafe’s Time-Saving Wasabi Tuna

With fall coming on quick, a lot of us won’t be doing as much dining out as before. Fortunately The Bronx’s own Tosca Cafe in Throggs Neck is sharing the recipe to one of their inspired weekly specials so you can enjoy a restaurant quality meal right at home.   This inventive Wasbi Tuna recipe comes courtesy chef Wilson Siguencia, the head chef at Tosca Café. “His vast knowledge of Italian cuisine.. Read More

Recipe: Spicy Game Day Guac with The Bronx Hot Sauce

Football season means watch parties. Even if it’s a party of one, a party is still a party, and a good party needs good food. Balancing your attention between the game and talking sh*t about the game requires finger foods that will let you do blind grabs, which is why chips and dip, like guac, is a must.   Every foodie knows that lightbulb moment when you’re about to buy ready-made food from the.. Read More

Recipe: RIPE Kitchen & Bar Jerk Rub & Cooking Tips

Summer is all about recipes that can cool you off, except when it comes to jerk. The spicy dish that is the gem of Jamaican cuisine is a favorite for the season of outdoor grilling. But as much as we like to eat it, we usually leave jerk to the professionals. That’s exactly why we went to a professional for a few tips on tackling Jamaican jerk

Recipe: Bronx Bomber Sandwich & Bronx Cocktail to Start Spring

Even though spring officially starts this Friday, March 20th, it’s still too cold to celebrate with any regular seasonal outings like a picnic in the park or even outdoor dining at your favorite eatery. Fortunately, you don’t need to leave the house to enjoy a new spring menu, and we have the perfect Bronx recipe pairing to try. The Bronx Bomber sandwich via Seattle Pi combines Genoa salami and pastrami.. Read More

Word of Mouth: Ramens Go from Ratchet to Refined

Ramen noodles have really graduated from the broke college kid’s dinner hack to quick culinary delight. It’s still cheap and easy, but the recipes we’re seeing today add layers of flavor and texture. Salads, sandwiches, and bakes are just a few of the fun cooking methods for this bag of noodles. There is no shortage of modern spins on the classic Asian pasta, so it’s perfect for anyone with limited time and lots of imagination. However,.. Read More

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