Out of ideas. Out of time. Out of the will to make the weekly trek to the supermarket. There are lots of reasons why people use food subscription services. Although they seem to have hit peak popularity in recent years, the idea of delivering fresh food right to doorsteps is not that new. The difference with the food delivery services of today, like Plated and PeachDish, is that they don’t just box your supermarket shopping list, they ship you meals—or, more specifically, they ship you the pre-measured, prepped ingredients to make delicious, inspired and healthy home-cooked meals.

Asian, southern, vegetarian and any other style cuisine you may be craving are available with weekly meal options. The ingredients are sourced locally and pre-measured to reduce waste, the cook times are under an hour, the calorie counts average less than 900, and the packages are recyclable. There is little left to be wanting with these services, except a membership. Now that we’re spending more time indoors and home-made meals are especially comforting this time of year, we can’t think of a better time to try a food subscription box. Here are all the ones that offer service to The Bronx.






Tortilla Soup

Meal subscription service Plated curates recipe options for you each week based on your flavor profile or your personally customized menu. They also have a Bronx-based distribution center!



Hello Fresh



Parmesan and Herb-Crusted Tilapia with Buttery Potatoes and Carrots

Hello Fresh boasts a team of chefs and an in-house dietician who create healthy, original recipes for the weekly boxes. Ingredients are sourced locally from New York and Pennsylvania farmers and businesses.



Blue Apron



Miso & Shiitake Ramen with Hoisin-Glazed Tofu

Blue Apron uses their team of culinary experts and renowned guest chefs to create original recipes that are never repeated in the same year.






Beef Medallions, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Sautéed Green Beans

Meal delivery service PeachDish is based in Georgia and sources all of their ingredients locally, in the south, for dishes that are southern-infused and seasonally inspired. But they also make trips to us up north.



Amazon Fresh


Ginger-Glazed Halibut From Weight Watchers

Amazon Fresh is an Amazon.com subsidiary company started in 2007 to serve Seattle sub-burbs. Over the years, they’ve expanded their delivery locations across the country, and eventually to areas of New York in 2014, including The Bronx. Through several fulfillment centers located in New York City, they offer fresh groceries and prepared meals sourced from local businesses.


Would you ever use a meal box subscription service?


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