An art performance, a pop-up kitchen and artisanal Italian ingredients came together on Saturday, November 7th at speciality Italian food importer Gustiamo‘s West Farms warehouse to present “Frattura”.





Facilitated by the Bronx River Art Center (BRAC) and performed by multi-media artists Leon Johnson and Audra Wolowiec, “Frattura” was an interactive art experience focused on the breaking of Candele pasta in preparation for cooking. Audience members were invited up to the pasta station to break candele using a choice of tools like a wine bottle and ladle. The sounds, sometimes arranged into beats, were amplified by contact microphones and echoed throughout the space.





The broken candele, and other ingredients supplied by Gustiamo, were used by chef Leon to create delicious dishes for the tasting portion of the performance. We enjoyed a classic pasta and tomato sauce, fresh and bursting with natural flavor. That was followed by a hearty mushroom porcini garnished with parsley and served over a bed of cooked crushed candele which reminded me of risotto.



frattura15-10 A surprise dessert made with Gustiamo delicacies was promised and we were not disappointed. Audience members were served slices of Italian bread with an option of three spreads: a textured, sugary almond that was , a delightful pistachio with a hint of sea-saltiness and a chocolate hazelnut with a so-obviously authentically natural composition that it put Nutella to shame. It couldn’t have been a more perfect close to the experience if we had done it all in Sicily.


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