Instagram’s motto should be ‘Come for the friends, stay for the funny’ because those painfully relatable memes and crazy photo captions are what get us through most days—not to mention break up the monotonous scroll of #carselfies and badly lit dinners. So if you’re all too familiar with the highs and lows of eating to live or living to eat, you’ll definitely want to follow these funny food-based IG accounts now.




can_i_eat_that instagram

Followers: 822

Follow for your daily dose of relatable quotes that say it all while you eat it all, unapologetically.




chefjacqueslamerde instagram

Followers: 71.2K

Not only will this account pretty up your feed with beautifully curated dishes made from the most basic ingredients, but the brutally honest captions will make you LOL, “bros”.




talkingfood instagram

Followers: 34.8K

These witty puns are the stuff foodie birthday cards are made of. Delight/annoy someone via email with one of these now.



waitingdogs instagram

Followers: 8K

This account is a little less about the food and more about our furry friends waiting for us on the outside while we order our lunch. A little guilt to go with your garden salad, anyone?!




mykidcanteatthis instagram

Followers: 111K

This Instagram food account is like “Kids Say the Darndest Things” circa 2015, set around the kitchen table. The reasons why these kids won’t eat what their parents have prepared will have you in tears.




funnyfoodies instagram

Followers: 1.5K

This account makes fun of the everyday struggles we can all (unfortunately) relate to with regram-worthy memes and funny photos. Bread ends? No. Extra guac? Hell yes.



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