Next to a meal, a laugh is our favorite thing to have. But a full table isn’t the only place where you can get both at the same time. We’ve featured funny food-based Instagram accounts before and now we’re serving seconds. We’ve rounded up another set of hilarious foodie ‘grams for even more edible puns, crazy captions, and miniature foodies who love to eat more then you do. Start the Memorial weekend early and hit ‘Follow’ on them fast!



foodbabyny insta


We’ve never seen a baby happier to be in the presence of food. Follow to see Foodbaby flash her adorable toothless grin at all the delicious eats her dad feasts on in front of her.




tasteofstreep insta


Who did this?! We knew Meryl Streep was a brilliant film actress, but we had no idea she was so good in food memes. Follow to see the celeb photoshopped into all kinds of foods that (bonus) match her outfits.




macaroni and chi insta weirdoughs


 Kilo Pillitteri, aka Kilogram (pictured left), is the “littlest foodie you’ll ever meat”—pun intended. Follow for his punny reactions to his owner’s meals. We don’t know how she gets those perfectly timed action shots of Kilo but they’re gold.




mariesaba insta mac


What we love about this account is that the food puns aren’t as obvious and the pun pic—which always features real food—is captioned with fun jokes and trivia to help you solve it. What 1992 Billboard No. 1 song was she thinking of above?




eatingfortheinsta egg sandwhich


The bio reads “Betches don’t always eat, but when we do, we do it for the insta.” Follow for the self-deprecating captions. They’re like listening to drunk girls in a nightclub bathroom!

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