Casa Restaurant & Lounge opened at 3607 E Tremont Ave in November 2015 with hopes of bringing something new to the neighborhood. It’s an origin story we hear a lot. Though we’re less used to hearing about the kinds of  challenges that can kill even the best restaurant businesses like the challenge of changing the menu with the chef, finding the right team synergy, or being the new kid in an old neighborhood.

Despite the rough start, Casa BX survived its terrible twos and celebrated their relaunch with chef Dario Murillo—previously the executive chef at Travesias—heading the kitchen during last night’s event that also doubled as an opening.

We spoke to owners, and wife and husband, Vanessa Lopez-Beltron and Sam Beltron for insight on their decision to relaunch with a new menu.

Scroll down to hear what they told us and go inside last night’s celebration.





On why they’re relaunching…

“We never had a chance to do a real grand opening and we’ve gone through a lot of changes this past six months including changing our menu.” – Vanessa Lopez-Beltron



Crostini with fig cream cheese, prosciutto, manchego cheese, green apple straws and warm honey



Smoked salmon croquets with passion fruit glaze


On the new menu…

“It’s a latin fusion menu incorporating a lot of different flavors from different parts of the world and that’s what we’re using as our staple for Casa. We don’t want to have the same typical latin food, switch it up, give it diversity. We have an awesome executive chef Dario Murillo. He’s been an incredible asset to Casa restaurant, and he’s helping us stand out from the competition on Tremont, which hopefully will be turning into the restaurant row of The Bronx.”  – Sam Beltron

“I’m half Chinese, half Puerto-Rican so we’re dipping and dabbling a little bit with Asian culture. The food is Latin based from different Caribbean islands but I really wanted a little of my Asian cuisine.” – Vanessa Lopez-Beltron



Avocado bruschetta flatbread with heirloom grape tomato with aged modena balsamic reduction


On how chef Dario ended up at Casa…

“He’s not [the original executive chef]. Actually we’ve had a struggle going through different types of chefs through our venture at Casa and it was like a diamond in the rough. We just kept polishing and polishing it up until we found the right fit and we were very blessed and fortunate to have had him referred to us. With the establishment and the venue along with his food that’s the match that was needed in order to let us rise to that level that we needed to rise to.” – Sam Beltron











Casa Executive Chef Dario, co-owner Vanessa Lopez-Beltron, co-owner Sam Beltron



Creamed tomato soup with grilled cheese bite


On what they want diners to take away from Casa…

“We definitely stand behind our food. Before with all the transitions, with all the different chefs, it was very difficult to stand behind the food. Without a doubt the food is amazing now. I don’t ever have to second guess what comes out of the kitchen. I’ve gained 20lbs since we acquired Dario!” – Vanessa Lopez-Beltron

(So do we, btw 🙋🏽‍♀️)





Have you been to Casa Restaurant? Are you excited to try their new menu?


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