For foodies who eat with their eyes first, part of the pleasure of dining out may be sharing photos of more memorable meals with followers on social media. Today’s restaurant chefs may or may not take that into consideration when they’re conceiving their most creative dishes, but we know first hand that customers do. To find the coolest, craziest, and most photogenic foods in The Bronx that are worth posting to your Instagram page for #summer17, keep reading.



Sashimi Martini – Ceetay


photo credit: Instagram/@ceetay_bx

#eatpretty with this 🌺 shaped 🍣 martini and then decorate your Instagram page with it.



Carnival Waffle Ice Cream – Clinton Hall BX


photo credit: Instagram/@clintonhallny

Capturing a picture of this unicorn ice cream dessert is going to be the easy part🦄 👀



Pugsley’s Pizza – Love Pie


photo credit: Instagram/@pugsleypizza

Because Instagram won’t understand exactly how much you ❤️🍕 until you eat your feelings.

Note: They will be closed until the end of August.



Fruit Fresca Cocktail – The Kilt 231


photo credit: Instagram/@thekilt231

 This is how you feed your inner kidult



Patron Bottle Margarita – Made in Puerto Rico


photo credit: Instagram/@madeinpuertoricobx

There’s no margarita emoji so just use the 💀 instead. It’s probably more appropriate, tbh.

Note: The restaurant is currently waiting on the renewal of their liquor license. Call ahead to confirm availability of bar items.



Snapper – Travesias

travesias_snapper_mrredd1_photo credit: Instagram/@mrred1

Mofongo and shrimp in a fried fish boat. We challenge you to not write a punny caption about this.



Platano Flameado  – Mexicocina


photo credit: Instagram/@lissetx3stefanny

No one can be mad at you for using “it’s lit 🔥” in this scenario.



The Donald Trump Sandwich – Mike’s Deli


photo credit: Instagram/@fsadeghin

The captions alone will make this Instagram gold😂



Walter White’s Crystal Methadonuts – Clinton Hall BX


photo credit: Instagram/@clintonhallny

Don’t do drugs. Do do drug-themed donuts and @bryancranston💉



Iced Mocha Sea Salt Caramel Latte – Mon Amour


photo credit: Instagram/@monamourcoffeewine

Because it beats #latteart.



Fried Mac & Cheese – Bronx Alehouse


photo credit: Instagram/@themacandcheesefiles

If you look very closely, you can see the ten foodie commandments written in these 2 tablets of fried mac-n-cheese. Post them unto your followers🙏🏼



Beer Flight – Bronx Beer Hall


photo credit: Instagram/@prototaz85

A flight of foreign 🍻 served in a log custom-made in 🇵🇷 deserves to land a spot on your page. (Btw, does this count as sex on a stick?)



Drum Pan Jerk Chicken – WickdJerk/Gun Hill Brewery

gunhillbrewery_jerk_wickdjerkphoto credit: Instagram/@wickdjerk

You’re a tourist every time you leave the house so IG some island #vibes with the authentic 🇯🇲 drum pan jerk grill stationed outside Gun Hill Brewery.



Which Instagram-worthy #bronxeats are you most excited to try?


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