Morton’s, STK, Peter Luger, and Jake’s? All praise-worthy steakhouses but you’ll find the last of the four off of the final stop along the 1 train route uptown.

Jake’s Steakhouse, located at 6032 Broadway, has been a fixture in Riverdale for 15 years. What it lacks in exposure on media’s annually recreated New York City listicles, it makes up for with a great view of Van Cortlandt Park, cozy atmosphere, and well-done slab of red meat — depending on your preference.

But before we get to the beef, we’ll walk you through a complete dining experience at Jake’s Steakhouse, which has landed them the honors of Openable’s 2016 Diner’s Choice award and a spot on the 2016 Michelin Guide.



Thick Sliced Applewood Smoked Bacon Over a bed of Arugula


Bang Bang Shrimp with chipotle ailoi

To start, we were brought the Bang Bang Shrimp, lightly battered and covered with chipotle mayo. It began as a special and was so popular with customers that it was added to the main menu as an appetizer. However, we loved the thick cut applewood smoked bacon served over arugula most. Not only does it give the breakfast food its rightly deserved spotlight, it’s an opportunity to eat thick cut applewood smoked bacon. Any rationale beyond that is about as necessary as the arugula. 




As an entree, a broiled 5-6oz lobster tail in a light garlic cream sauce was coupled with a 7oz petite filet that we initially mistook for a baked potato under frizzled onions. (Meat is the best surprise.)

Surf and turf is a classic protein pairing that has been reinvented on menus in marriages like abalone and crispy pork belly or braised oxtail and seared scallops. Jake’s simply takes the time-honored approach without the fuss and does it really well — something a New Yorker can appreciate — resulting in a fresh, savory lobster tail and smokey, sweet steak filet.

If petite fillet is not your choice chunk of meat, you can add a lobster tail to any entree!





Unsurprisingly, the highlight of the our visit to Jake’s was the T-Bone steak entree served to preferred doneness with a sliced shell side and a fillet mignon side in natural beef au jus. The slightly marled T-Bone was tender with a nice charred crust that ate well with the salty natural jus. It was delicious — a conclusion you’ll likely come to followed by plans for your next visit.

True carnivores can finish this T-Bone minus the distraction of side dishes, but if you fancy yourself more civil, the creamed spinach and mashed potatoes are customer favorites — both rich, buttery options complement the earthy taste of the beef.





Jake’s does do one other thing exceptionally well — dessert! We tried another round of homemade classics with the crème brûlée. It had a perfectly crisp, burnt caramel crust on top, ornamented with tart blueberries and strawberries for a pleasant foil to the sweet custard.

The boston creme pie was equally delicious with a more subtle contrast of textures including the fluffy cake. And to round out the experience on an cold fall/winter day, we recommend adding an order of their cappuccino sprinkled with cinnamon and served with a rock candy for stirring!


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