A little more than a year ago we received an invitation to a tasting celebrating the opening of a new southern Italian-style pizzeria, La Grata, in Port Morris. It was in a prime location, the food was great, and the space—floor to ceiling windows, black wood furniture, and an exposed kitchen—was obviously attractive. So we were surprised to find out that La Grata was no more because it had been taken over by Nobodys. Famous Nobodys who rebranded it as “Nobodys Pizza”.



Who are these Famous Nobodys?

They are Christian Vasquez and Gary Gonzalez. Christian has lived in The Bronx for years. He says the borough feels like home because of its connection to the Puerto Rican culture. Gary, who is Dominican, was born and raised in The Bronx. Together they co-own the clothing store Famous Nobodys—an onsite producer and retailer of statement hoodies, tees, and fitted hats, that neighbors their new restaurant.

Famous Nobodys has been around for roughly three years. Christian describes it as upscale, urban, and quick with the times. The name is two-fold. The pairing of the words is meant to create a cool contradiction that represents a counter-culture to the one where being ‘Instagram famous’ is a thing.



So, Why La Grata?

“We saw an opportunity to take over and rebrand the place and we jumped head first into it. We partnered with one of the owners of La Grata, changed the decor, and livened it up for a nice bar crowd to curate a different vibe. There’s a DJ in there Thursday to Sunday and hookah everyday after 7pm,” Christian explained. “It’s an extension of the Nobodys brand and lifestyle.”

After becoming part owners, they performed a face lift. They painted everything black, had a mural painted by the artist Love Child, and hung black and white photos of iconic celebrities around the restaurant. The soft opening was three weeks ago on November 5th.  



What Else Is Different?

The menu. The burrata pugliese, bacon and eggs white pizza, pesto linguini, ricotta cheesecake, and other great tasting food by executive chef Ermine Conte that introduced us to La Grata are still on. But, now there are new additions including burgers and brunch.

“We’re adding turkey burgers and brunch every Saturday with a different curated menu and chef. [On the 18th] we had lobster mac and cheese, short ribs and eggs, chicken and waffles, purple sweet potato, shrimp and grits, and banana pudding. Cool stuff for people, different than what a traditional restaurant would do,” Christian said.

“It’s the same great food that people have come to love but we’ve just given it a face lift really and we’d love for them to come try it out. We’ll be doing some interesting things”


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We accepted the invitation and secured a visit for the next Saturday brunch, November 18th. It was former personal chef to Carmelo Anthony, Courtney Harris’s second time curating a Saturday brunch menu at Nobodys Pizza, putting his personal twist on familiar southern cooking he learned from his grandmother.

Everything tasted as good as it looks or better. For example, the fried chicken kept its super crispy outer layer even after drowning it in syrup. And the texture of oatmeal pancakes made them more enjoyable to eat than regula degula flour ones. The steak was well seasoned, tender—easily separating under the knife—and amazing over the omelet sitting in brown sauce. It beat the usual slab of beef with a sunny-side sombrero.

Check out these dishes and more from our Nobodys brunch below.


Fried chicken and oatmeal pancakes

Shrimp and grits


Steak and eggs

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