It’s not often you find a successful take-out dine-in hybrid among the restaurants in The Bronx, but Hungry Bird hits that mark. For the first visit, however, I had a seat to take advantage of Morris Ave’s new Indian restaurant’s full dining experience.

While I waded over the menu, the standard basket of papdum and three condiments for dipping was brought out by our extremely nice, but busy, server who was waiting the table as well as managing take out orders. Since the menu is pretty extensive, the papdum should be considered as much strategy as it is complimentary.



The chicken tikka masala is their most popular menu item. But, it’s also what people usually think of when they think Indian food, so I ordered the mixed tandoori grill and lamb saagwala instead.

The mixed tandoori grill, which included lamb, chicken and fish, was full of flavor from a harmonic blend of seasoning and herbs. The saagwala was delightfully creamy with perfectly tender pieces of lamb. The serving sizes are generous which makes their dishes great for splitting. If not, just enjoy them again as leftovers. The food is that good.



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