Our moms are everything to us—borderline superwomen. They’re walking encyclopedias of all the things that can kill you or make you go blind. They hold the Guinness World Record for most threats made with a single look. They push us to work hard even to do the impossible like shutting up and eating our food. They can even tell the future. It turns out no, life isn’t fair; yes, someone did end up crying; and yes we understand now that we’re older. And it makes us love and appreciate them even more.

Since all moms are technically foodies who seem to share the same book of parenting quotes we have the best foodie-themed Mother’s Day gift ideas based on what your mom loves to say the most. Find the quote, find your mom, and find her perfect present for May 14th below!



Favorite Quote: “Take it or leave it”

foodie dice gift

Foodie Dice, $24.00

We take it. We almost always take it. If this is your mom, then the menu is non-negotiable and you can only expect favorite foods on birthdays, holidays or when the planets line up just right. Introduce some fun and maybe new dishes into her dinner routine with playful foodie dice.



Favorite Quote: “It needs more salt/pepper/something”


Essiespice Essential Sauce Collection, $36.00

If this is your mom then she has her tried and true recipes and strives for perfection with every pot. Encourage her to cook outside of her comfort zone with this collection of sauces and spice blends made in The Bronx that combine familiar ingredients with exotic flavors for that special “something”.



Favorite Quote: “I need a drink”

bracelet flask

Porcelain Bracelet Flask$35.00

So do we. And the older we get the more we understand that quote. If your mom loves to have a drink and a laugh, get her the most fashionable flask we’ve ever seen. This inconspicuous porcelain bracelet flask comes in a cool gunmetal color with a traditional cork stopper. She can have a sip while she’s in bed watching the Real Housewives bicker.



Favorite Quote: “I’m not your maid/waitress/slave/taxi…”

final_tea_menu_rev_8.12.13 copy

Wave Hill Afternoon Tea, $26.00 – $36.00

We know. And if this is your mom’s number one declaration on any given day then show her you know too by treating her to a posh afternoon of tea where someone else will cook, serve, and clean so she can sit back and enjoy a quality cup of tea, sandwiches, sweets and sparkling wine.



Favorite Quote: “Who do you think you are?” or “You better wipe that smile off your face before I do it for you”


Your PORTRAIT Custom Cookie Cutter, $50.00

If you heard this often then chances are your mom was not amused by anything you did outside of breathing, blinking and shutting the hell up. Immortalize yourself (or her) and that smile on your face into a cookie cutter to remind her of just who you are when she’s ready to bake—her favorite daughter or son 🙂



Favorite Quote: “Eat __, it’s good for you” or “Don’t eat __, it gives you cancer”  

The Power of a Plant by Stephen Ritz, Founder of Green Machine Bronx, $12.99 – $24.29 

If you’ve heard either of those often, your mom is probably a healthy food crusader (who watches the news a lot). Teacher Stephen Ritz became the green icon of The Bronx with his successful urban farming org Green Machine Bronx and he’s written a book. It shows how his South Bronx students grew, cooked, ate, and shared their way to better lives through their green classroom. This will give your mom an inspiring outlook on veggies and—more importantly—show that you know she was right all along.



Favorite Quote: “Wear good underwear in case you get into an accident”


Commodity Tea Perfume, $26.00

Fortunately, there’s no underwear caste system today. It’s not the first thing EMTs check when they arrive on the scene to save limb or life. But don’t tell your mom that if she’s all about “good underwear” because she’s probably the type of person who loves to look and feel her best wherever she goes. So instead get her this Commodity “Tea” perfume infused with notes like honey and Egyptian Basil.



Favorite Quote: “This doesn’t taste like the one we have back home” or “Did you get it from the one by (some place) that sells the (random item)?”

gustiamo pesto gift box

Gustiamo Linguine al Pesto Gift Box, $40.00

A lot of our mom’s must be named Dorothy because if these quotes are regular sayings she knows there’s no place like home wherever that might be. If this is your mom then quality is key for her when it comes to cooking and she probably has specific brands and places she shops to get that taste of home/her culture. Get her The Bronx’s local Italian food supplier Gustiamo’s pasta dinner gift box for a meal infused with the most authentic flavors Italy has to offer.



Favorite Quote: “You never wanna do anything with me/us/your family” or “Go play outside and stop bothering me”


Wave Hill Mother’s Day Weekend Garden Party, $12.00 – $25.00

It’s time for you to go play outside mom! If your mom loves to take you on this guilt trip, take her on a better one to Wave Hill’s Mother’s Day garden party for family friendly games, live entertainment, tours and walks, brunch and dining, and more.


Which is your mom? Don’t see your mom here?—Tell us her favorite quote and maybe we can find her a gift!

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