New Year, new you. Whether that means deleting unflattering photos (or followers) because you’re not the same person you were six minutes ago let alone one year ago or you’re under reconstruction complete with a new body, new job, and new goals, the new you might want new places to go, things to buy, and tastes to sample. So here are our picks for what the new you should be up on in 2017. Get started this weekend!



New Health Spot

Freckle’s Juice

The juice bar concept is not new, especially for healthy foodies, but Freckle’s Juice is new to The Bronx. Founder and Bronxite Felicia Forbes’s goal toward healthier choices by making and drinking smoothies manifested into the juice bar opened October 2015 at 3828 Dyre Avenue. Bring the new you to Freckle’s for their original juice blends and healthy eats like salmon or quinoa burgers. And be sure to check their Instagram for announcements about yoga events!



New Ride

zip somewhere crazy

Zipcar x The Bronx

The Bronx Tourism Council (BTC) has teamed up with Zipcar to promote restaurants and other businesses in the borough. Restaurants and some stores will be offering 15% off food and select products in areas like Riverdale, Throggs Neck, City Island, and Arthur Avenue — neighborhoods which are less accessible by subway and suffer the most after the holiday rush ends. With The Bronx Tourism Council and Zipcar’s promotion, Zipcar member’s get added value while exploring Bronx eateries off the beaten path. For details on the participating restaurants and businesses, visit



New Food Trend


Purple Food

According to researchers at Whole Foods, the purple in some foods is an indication of nutrient density and antioxidants. It’s one of the top food trends predicted for 2017. Along with staples like grapes and eggplants, try purchasing purple potatoes, cauliflower, asparagus, and açaí berries to add more of this color — and its health benefits — to your plate this year.



New Watering Hole


Gun Hill Tavern

If the new you needs a break from work, home, healthy living or whatever the new year has on your agenda, visit Gun Hill Brewery’s new satellite location in the South Bronx. Gun Hill Tavern opened at 780 E 133 Street in November 2016 serving custom cocktails from a partnership with neighboring Port Morris Distillery in addition to the brewery’s craft beers. There’s also a food menu of classic bar bites like wings and burgers, as well as stand-out items like latin fried rice and creamy mushroom polenta.

New Gadget


FoodMarble AIRE

New you might be concerned with your digestive health. This can be especially true if you suffer from food allergies, intolerances, sensitives, or common digestive symptoms from food. The AIRE by FoodMarble was debuted at consumer electronics tradeshow CES 2017. This breath test device measures how much gas is in your gut. Based on your results it can construct meals and snacks that are suitable for your unique digestive system, and allows you to track your food intake, gas levels, stress, and sleep which are stored on the mobile app. It’s a new portable nutritionist for the new you! It won’t be available until September 2017 and is expected to retail for $149 but you can pre-order it now for $99.



New Indulgence

pastramiPhoto Credit: Yelp/Liebman’s


What’s your pleasure? Chocolate? Wine? Maybe both. No matter what it is, it’s for the old you. If new you is looking for a different indulgence this year, we recommend meat. It’s not quite as sexy as the aforementioned (depending on who you ask), but red meat is a source of vitamin B12, zinc, and protein, while pork provides vitamins and minerals including iron and potassium. For a source of the meat itself, head to Liebman’s Deli in Riverdale for one of their famous stacked pastrami sandwiches or make your own charcuterie platter with cuts of soppressata and procuitto from Calabria Pork Store on Arthur Ave.



New Buzzword



Last year was all about “farm-to-table” and “locally sourced” ingredients. Though less-popular, we also marked the rise of “ugly” as a newer buzzword in the food industry. Food that is considered malformed, bruised, or generally less-than-perfect (aka less purchasable) was identified as a source of food waste by organizations and businesses like Feedback. Media outlets are predicting that ugly food will carry over into 2017 as a continued trend. Spread the word to a fellow shopper and get the new you involved with this movement to reduce food waste.


Which of these picks are you most excited to try?



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