Considering Canada is right in America’s backyard, it’s hard to believe many of us haven’t or have hardly been. Then again, ask the average New Yorker how many times they’ve gone to the Statue of Liberty. So when my friend Anna and I packed our bags for an unplanned, destination-less road trip north through New England this summer, we went the extra miles to visit Montreal.

With some light research after crossing the border, we decided to stay in downtown Montreal and booked a few nights at the Omni Mont-Royal Hotel for a great deal through Kayak and Priceline. Being in a prime location, within walking distance from renowned museums, bustling boutiques, chill hookah lounges and clubs, we did what any foodies would do. We went to get something to eat…and never stopped.



thursday resto montreal

The first place we ate at in Montreal was Thursday’s—a bar restaurant with terrace dining like a lot of the eateries on Rue Crescent. The energy makes it a great place to hang out, people-watch and have a smoke since a lot of people do. Likewise, the food and drink were just as comme çi comme ça (so so). The panko-crusted chicken club, salmon and avocado burger and mayo fries weren’t memorable. The cocktails were tasty but weak. So Thursday’s was more good fuel than good food.


Paris Crêpe

paris crepe

Photo Credit: Yelp

paris crepes

Photo Credit: BxFB

You shouldn’t do drugs, but you should do nutella, especially in a crêpe. Anna is a dessert junkie, so when she spotted Paris Crêpe on the way to Thursday’s, she did everything short of pushing up her nose up against the glass until we finally made a stop after dinner. It was amazing. My nutella and banana dessert crêpe was delicious. Almost too sweet and velvety, but the vanilla ice cream topping added a refreshing break in flavor and texture. And Paris Crêpe was a great break to re-up our experience eating out.



Au Pain Doré

au pain dore bakery2

Photo: Instagram/ohmy_cc

We made a stop in at Au Pain Dore, a chain of boutique bakeries throughout Montreal, the morning after a long night out. At the Rue Peel location we each grabbed a cup of specialty tea and artisanal sandwiches—mine with a pre-packed order of mixed veggies to go along with my ham and brie. Walking back to the hotel, flip flops wet with rain, kimono in tow and gripping my APD paper bag, I could imagine what it would be like to call Montreal home.


Corso 1471

corso montreal

Photo Credit: BxFB

There has to be one MND in the dining plans during any away trip. MND is a mandatory “nice” dinner. The kind of dinner that’s planned ahead and may call for reservations and parfum. Our Montreal MND was chic, contemporary Italian restaurant Corso 1471. My roasted salmon with lime and marscarpone risotto and grilled asparagus was light but flavorful. Anna’s Paccheri, prepared with braised Quebec lamb, cherry tomatoes, olives and basil, was well-made though a little too salty. So it was a slightly split decision on the food but a unanimous decision to eat at Corso again.



Rotisserie Romados

romados counter menu

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romados chicken fries

Photo Credit: BxFB

We found Rotisserie Romados on our last day in Montreal. In between visiting one final attraction and stopping for gas, we needed a cheap-n-easy lunch spot and it was was perfect—simple menu, large portions and fast service. We loaded up on their rotisserie chicken and fries, cooked with enough grease to cure a diet, before we hit the road and really felt like locals for the first time during the trip.



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