Tips for Reducing Food Waste


1. Shop with Meals in Mind: plan out your menu for the week so you only buy what’s needed

  • First shop at home – check your fridge and cupboards before going to the store. Only buy what you need and use packaged products until the very end (i.e. to the very last drop).
  • If you replace items before you’ve finished the container on hand, put the new item behind the old one, so you finish the old first (FIFI – First In, First Out).

2. Smart Storage: properly store perishable items to ensure their full shelf-life

3. Use the WHOLE food:

  • Use ALL edible parts of the food – bones for broth, skins and tops of produce.
  • Chop, cook and freeze, or prepare and freeze ripe produce/food near its expiration for future use.
  • Serve smaller portions. You can always go back for seconds, but we throw away leftovers left on plates.
  • Use leftovers (again, either freeze or portion out for lunches. Get creative with a “Family Leftovers Night”.


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