Bronx Narratives started their site over a year ago to give residents uptown a platform for telling their stories with the help of the people who know them best — fellow Bronxites. This past Saturday, June 11th, the team kicked off summer early in the north east at Gun Hill Brewery with a food and drink-fueled day party.

Hip-hop and reggae tunes filled the air inside and outside of the brewery, where it cut through the smoke from the sidewalk drum pan jerk grill. It was the ultimate sign that summer ’16 was indeed here.

Inside, caterer Jiggz Kitchen was bustling behind a table to meet the demand for his mac-n-cheese waffles when the fried fish and pepper shrimp pans were picked clean, matching the stacks of empty beer cups that outnumbered attendees around the brewery.

Check out these pics from the #bxdayparty.










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