Word of Mouth: Brussels Sprouts are Cool Now

The dietary evolution of most adults means stay away from bread, don’t buy cheap liquor and eat your vegetables. The last applies to some vegetables more than others and brussels sprouts are an other—there’s a hate poem to prove it. But the miniature cabbage-like veggie is not as much of a mystery as it seems. More and more epicureans are making this side dish a main ingredient in inspiring recipes this season. They’re so cool now.. Read More

Word of Mouth: Ghost Pepper aka the Scary Spice [Video Inside]

In honor of Halloween this month we’re featuring a trending ingredient that can frighten even the most adventurous foodie and is rumored to can kill you. Ghost pepper kind of snuck up on us. We started noticing it on gourmet food shelves a while ago, before it began popping up in recipes. Earlier this year fast food chains Popeyes and Wendy’s added limited-edition ghost pepper wings and ghost pepper fries respectively to their menus… Read More

Word of Mouth: More Pumpkin Spice Foods You Didn’t Ask For

Pumpkin spice season is here. And it’s not just Starbucks that’s selling their hashtag-inducing pumpkin spice latte—which started the seasonal frenzy in the first place. Everyone is pushing pumpkin spice everything whether you want it or not. Check out a few of the products available this year in fall’s favorite flavor, proving the trend is alive and well beyond any logic you can argue.   In tea…   In gum..   In cookies…   In other.. Read More

Word of Mouth: Fermented Foods & Their Belly Benefits

Assorted Pickled Vegetables

Fermentation sounds like some complicated scientific process, but it actually dates back to ancient civilizations and is the latest health trend in food. You might already be doing or eating it. Just think yogurt, kimichi or sauerkraut.

The preservation technique and aging process of fermentation naturally converts sugar into lactic acid. So fermentation kills harmful microbials while enhancing good ones like vitamins and probiotics—particularly beneficial to stomach health. But there are lots of other healthy advantages as well and consumers are catching on. (more…)

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Word of Mouth: Popsicles Are Summer 2015’s Cold Cure

Put down the ice cream cone. The cold cure everyone’s picking up to cool off this summer is the popsicle. And the best thing about this trend is that everyone is skipping those store bought boxed popsicles for fun DIY recipes. There’s even a new NYC rooftop bar, Loopy Doopy at the Concord New York Hotel, whose signature drink involves a big glass of prosecco and an alcohol infused “icepop”. We.. Read More

Word of Mouth: Ramens Go from Ratchet to Refined

Ramen noodles have really graduated from the broke college kid’s dinner hack to quick culinary delight. It’s still cheap and easy, but the recipes we’re seeing today add layers of flavor and texture. Salads, sandwiches, and bakes are just a few of the fun cooking methods for this bag of noodles. There is no shortage of modern spins on the classic Asian pasta, so it’s perfect for anyone with limited time and lots of imagination. However,.. Read More

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