Honestly? Everything we tried. We’ve been following Ceetay on Instagram for 2 years and their food photos are almost good enough to eat so we made a date to try the real thing.

The sushi, noodle, and Asian fusion restaurant located at 129 Alexander Avenue has been the main—if not sole—source of a taste of the east in the South Bronx for more than 5 years.

Co-owner Amir Chayon, an Israeli immigrant turned Bronxite who worked at The Bruckner Bar & Grill after immigrating, foresaw the potential of Mott Haven as an “IT” neighborhood when he opened Ceetay.

Today, as new eateries spring up in the area seemingly overnight, Ceetay’s creative, new menu items aim to make just as much of an impression on diners. But, it’s their staple dishes that make patrons out of customers.

Curious to know what they are? We tried them and we’re taking you on a tasting tour of the favorites from the menu at Ceetay.



Rock Shrimp Tempura 


in gochujang sauce


Vegetable Spring Rolls


with a tasty pineapple sauce dip


Tuna Bruschetta


spicy tuna and guacamole on crispy rice


“The Bronx Is Burning” Sushi


not on the menu so you’ll have to ask for it by name!


Kawasaki Sushi 


oven baked crab, mayo, scallion, sweet sauce and sliced avocado


Chicken Tikka Masala


chicken, onions and peppers in a creamy masala sauce


White Chocolate Soufflé 


moist chocolate cake with a heart of creamy rich white chocolate


Coppa 3 Chocolates 


layers of chocolate mousse, praline hazelnut and white chocolate cream



What have you had from Ceetay and loved?

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