While some people are prepping to pass the plates around their tables this holiday, we’re sharing a few Thanksgiving quotes from the Bronx residents who know and love food. Check out Thanksgiving quotes from 7 Bronx foodies below.



“If I were a Thanksgiving dish I would definitely be the stuffing! I’m constantly busy since I get involved with what my friends say is too many things. But I’m also warm and a bit funky. You never know what you’re gonna get.” – @fordhamfoodie

“I look forward to eating stuffing. It’s a dish I don’t eat any other time of the year, yet find myself thinking about it more often than I’d like to admit. But it has to be my grandma’s recipe; crispy fatty pork sausage and day-old Italian bread from Madonia Brothers Bakery; cubed and toasted. Seasoned with fresh sage, sautéed onions, garlic and celery, turkey stock, and more butter than you can imagine. It’s relish.” – Amanda, edibleBronx



“I think you cannot have Thanksgiving without sweet potato pie or pecan pie or some other type of dessert along those lines. I myself have a bit of a sweet tooth and it is very important to finish off a meal of such importance with a sweet reminder of how thankful and grateful we should be for being able to share this decadent meal with family and friends.” – @1chef_dario

“After Thanksgiving dinner you can find me taking a nap. No joke, last year I actually fell asleep at the table while waiting for dessert. It was my first T-day with my boyfriend’s family. Think I made a good impression?” – @bxfoodie

“A Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without family and mulled wine!” – Rebecca, Bronx Box NYC 



“If I were a Thanksgiving dish I would be a dry, overcooked Turkey so everyone would leave me alone.” – Shishana, Bronx Food Blog

“I have no cure for a Thanksgiving hangover because that would suggest there’s a problem.” – Tameika, Bronx Food Blog


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Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃


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