The Bronx Food Blog is an online community resource by people who love food, for people who love food, and don’t believe you have to travel outside of The Bronx to find it.

The Bronx Food Blog aims to spotlight the best dining destinations, introduce the tastemakers who are shaking things up in the kitchen, share the recipes worth trying, and bring you all the delicious headlines being made uptown.

Food is always better with family and friends, so join BxFB in passing the plate around The Bronx to make the most out of every meal. We’re ready to take a bite out of The Bx one restaurant at a time, from all four corners. This is your invitation.

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Meet the Team




Tameika L.

Founder/Managing Editor 

“Food actually is life. For something that we have to do everyday, multiple times of day, why shouldn’t it be delightful, satisfying, and memorable? Food—cooking it or eating it—makes me embrace variety and complexity. I think I could live off of rice if I had to though.




Shishana E. 

Social Media Coordinator

“It’s hard to pick a favorite food. I always find something I like and eat it until I’m sick of it. But some of my most memorable dining experiences have involved desserts. Actually, I do have favorites. Dessert and tea. Although I don’t think you can consider tea food but I still love it.”






c_beerCharisse T.


“I love chicken so much. All types of chicken. I eat chicken in every meal. Except BBQ chicken. I hate BBQ. And jerk. And grilled…I’m a very picky eater. But I’m a vegan now.”







Kaydie D.


“I never used to like vegetables, but since I learned how to cook them in different ways I enjoy eating healthy now. And I study nutrition because I want to show other people that you can enjoy good food and still be healthy.”