When we did our round up of funny food twitter accounts more than a year ago, Wendy’s was not on the list. Shame on us. If we were to do it again, it would be of the most savage food twitter accounts and the list would be much shorter: 1. @wendys.

The fast food chain founded in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio is winning at social media by taking their expertise for (fresh never frozen) beef to twitter, roasting any account who comes for the red queen.

But, sassing @wendys isn’t the only way to get its attention. On April 5th, 16-year-old Wendy’s fan Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm), who lives in Nevada, tweeted the restaurant asking how many retweets he would need to get a year-supply of their chicken nuggets. @wendys replied 18 million and one of the biggest social media marketing campaigns by a fast food chain was launched.

Carter now has a website with merch, a Twitter fanpage, and 2.9 million retweets. If his tweet gets more than 3.3 million, he will break the record for most retweets in history held by Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar celebrity selfie.

Ellen is aware of the #NuggsForCarter campaign and supports his ambitions, but intends to keep her Twitter title. Yesterday she tweeted from @TheEllenShow account, “Not today, nugget boy. ” and issued her own challenge. She has challenged everyone who retweets Carter to also retweet her Oscar selfie so she can ride his coattail to 18m—that way everyone wins she said on her talk show. If it works, she will give Carter a year-supply of Ellen undies and a Roku TV. And Bradley Cooper has thrown his support behind her.

Wendy’s—always ready—announced, “The rumors are true ! We’ll donate $100k to supporting adoption WHEN breaks your RT record. “.

Nuggets, underwear, Twitter beefs, it’s like living in an episode of Bob’s Burger and we don’t hate it.

Before you go cast your retweet for #NuggsForCarter, check out some of @wendys’ best burns for their haters. The last will make you 😂.



Which is your favorite fast food restaurant?!

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