Ramen noodles have really graduated from the broke college kid’s dinner hack to quick culinary delight. It’s still cheap and easy, but the recipes we’re seeing today add layers of flavor and texture. Salads, sandwiches, and bakes are just a few of the fun cooking methods for this bag of noodles. There is no shortage of modern spins on the classic Asian pasta, so it’s perfect for anyone with limited time and lots of imagination. However, since winter is still in full effect and we’re just reintroducing the Japanese noodles to our menus, we’ll warm up with these hot recipes to help you join the ramen revolution.


Spicy Ramen Noodle Mac-n-Cheese


spicy ramen noodle mac n cheese

Via The Spice Kit Recipes


Total time: 30m

Mac-n-cheese is an all-time favorite comfort food. What better time of year to indulge in it than winter? Trade the macaroni elbows for ramen noodles to give this old classic a new twist.

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